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Scientists at the Matrix Biology Institute have developed a completely new complex hyaluronan system to be used in skin care formulations. Using proprietary polymerization methods, a network of large hyaluronan molecular chains is bound into an assembly of very large coils. These coils form spheroidal particles of virtually infinite molecular weight. The spheroidal particles can absorb and release large volumes of water, or water-soluble molecules, much like a sponge: thus the name HylaSponge®System. HylaSponges® retain a large amount of water even when they feel dry on the surface of the skin.

HylaSponges® are an essential component of the HylaSponge®System. Other components of the System are small and large molecular weight hyaluronan molecules. This unique mixture and the proprietary HylaSponges® provide longer lasting and more penetrating hydration.

Watch our video demonstration to learn how the HylaSponge®System Works


Figure B. The HylaSponge®System releases water to the skin, enabling diffusion of the large (2) and small (3) hyaluronan molecules and the (4) biologically active molecules into the stratum corneum (5) of the skin, with the latter two molecules diffusing toward the deeper layers of the skin.

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Figure A. The HylaSponge® System acts as a “second skin” and retains much of its water (see also Figure B), while delivering its components to the skin. The space in between the HylaSponges is occupied by large molecular weight, soluble hyaluronan (2). The small molecular weight soluble hyaluronan (3) is inside as well as around the HylaSponge®. Optional additions of biologically active small molecules (4) such as vitamins, amino acids and peptides are distributed in the water around and filling the HylaSponges.