Content Design | Molecular Weight Analysis

The HylaSponge®System is comprised of three different hyaluronans
molecular weight distribution graph • The HylaSponge® – an infinitely large single molecule
• Large Molecules – average molecular weight 2,000,000
• Small Molecules – average molecular weight 70,000

In this graph, the distribution of small and large molecular weight, water-soluble hyaluronan in the HylaSponge®System is represented in a gel electrophoresis analysis of molecular weights. Hyaluronan is a polymeric molecule consisting of a family of molecules with various molecular weights (sizes). This is how they appear in nature as well as in purified form. The curve shows the distribution of the small and large molecules. Note that the molecular weights are in a logarithmic scale. The peak molecular weight for the small molecules is at 70,000 and for the large one, 2,000,000.

(Courtesy of Matrix Biology Institute)