Incorporating the HylaSponge®System in Your Formulas

Cosmetic ContainersAdvantages

Adding HYLACO’s HylaSponge®System to your formulations gives you an edge in the competitive skin care market. Today’s formulations become more effective – tomorrow’s technological advancements become possible.

The HylaSponge®System mixes easily with formulations that contains water-soluble or lipid components. Water-soluble components will penetrate and fill the HylaSponges®. Lipid components, after emulsification, mix well with the HylaSponge®System. The HylaSponge®System is sensitive to long exposure to temperatures above 40° C. It is recommended that the HylaSponge® System be incorporated into formations after they have cooled to below 40° C.

Delivery of small, biologically active molecules

One can fill the HylaSponge®System with small molecular weight, biologically active molecules that are known to penetrate the skin and are not harmful. These molecules, such as vitamins, amino acids and some peptides, may be delivered toward the deeper layers of the skin because the HylaSponge®System retains its water content for several hours.

Masking the greasiness of various formulations

The “greasiness” of various lipid- or oil-containing formulations can be masked with hyaluronan of appropriate concentration and molecular weight. Large and small hyaluronans (with an average molecular weight of 2 million in a concentration of 0.01%) were included in a formulation that contained 10% petrolatum. The masking effect of the hyaluronans in this formulation was measured with a sebumeter, which indicated that the “greasiness” decreased from 150 to 50 units—a significant, 66% reduction.

Ready-to-use formulations

HYLACO also has ready-to-use formulations containing the HylaSponge®System, which can extend your product line.

If you would like to learn more about integrating The HylaSponge®System into your Formulas, please contact us today.