Benefits of The HylaSponge®System

moisturizes and protectsHylaSponges® are water-insoluble, water-filled microsponges that are comprised of polymerized hyaluronan. They hold more water longer than hyaluronan solutions alone, providing greater, longer lasting hydration for more effective skin care. The HylaSponge®System forms a highly hydrated, water-equilibrating barrier, or, elastic “second skin,” that moisturizes and protects, fills, smoothes and delivers.

The HylaSponge®System provides major benefits as a component in skin care formulations. The HylaSponge®System acts like a second skin and continues to deliver results:

• Moisturization is guaranteed because of the long-lasting and highly hydrated water delivery system acting as an equilibrium barrier or elastic “second skin”.
• Intense hydration reduces the appearance of grooves, fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing the skin.
• Effective delivery of biologically active molecules, such as vitamin C, to the skin.

Moisturizing and Protecting

The HylaSponge®System provides a hydrated “second skin” on the surface of the skin. The large, water-insoluble HylaSponges® hold more water and keep it longer than hyaluronan solutions alone. Consequently, hydration is greater and longer lasting, thus more effective for skin care. The large molecular weight hyaluronan connects the Sponges and fills the spaces between them, providing greater elasticity to the HylaSponge®System. This extra elasticity assures that formulations containing the HylaSponge®System remain flexible, smooth, non-flaky and highly hydrated for many hours after application.

Filling and SmoothingFilling and Smoothing

The small molecular size hyaluronan penetrates the stratum corneum (horny layer) of the skin and provides hydration to this dry surface layer. The HylaSponge® System acts as a “second skin” to delay evaporation by continuing to deliver water to the stratum corneum. These functions of the HylaSponge®System provide the skin with protection from dehydration and from the visible signs of aging – so that the skin appears smoother.

One of the most important benefits of the highly hydrated HylaSponge®System in skin care products is that when it dries at ambient temperature and humidity, it retains water for several hours. Since the hydrated molecules occupy a large volume, they fill the static lines in the skin and, to some degree, the dynamic wrinkles. Even in its “semi-hydrated” form, the HylaSponge®System reflects light, making the skin’s lines and wrinkles appear less deep, giving the skin a smoother appearance.

Delivery of small, biologically active molecules

One can fill the HylaSponge®System with small molecular weight, biologically active molecules that are known to penetrate the skin and are not harmful. Molecules, such as vitamins, amino acids and some peptides, may be delivered toward the deeper layers of the skin, because the HylaSponge®System retains its water content for a long time. If no hydration water is available on the skin, these molecules cannot diffuse into the skin. The combination of the three hyaluronan molecular components in the HylaSponge®System assures that a large amount of water is retained for a long time after application. This provides a waterway, or path, for water and biologically active molecules to diffuse toward the deeper layers of the skin.

Incorporating the HylaSponge®System into your formulas

Adding HYLACO’s HylaSponge®System to your formulations gives you an edge in the competitive skin care market.
Today’s formulations become more effective – tomorrow’s technological advancements become possible.
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